Political Events from 2017BS to 2036BS

Political Events from 2017BS to 2036BS

The King Mahendra formed a cabinet under his own chairmanship after the dissolution of the elected government in 1 Paush 2017. Then after he declared a Panchayat System on Paush, 2017 BS. Department were established after the formation of Ministry of Panchayat for the sake of strengthening Panchayat system. The nation was divided into 14zones and 75 administrative districts.

The Constitution of Nepal was announced publicly on 1 Paush,2019. It provided the legitimacy to the party-less Panchayat System.

Durgananda Jha threw the bombto explode the vehicle of the king Mahendra in 2018 BS, which is known as Janakpur Incident. In this event, Durgananda Jha, Arbindra Thakur, Dal Singh Thapa were announced to executed. Durgananda Jha was hung on 25 Magh 2020 and rest of  the two were converted into into lifelong detention. The first amendment of constitution of Nepal-2019 was made in 2023 BS. And its slogan was "Go to Village For National Campaign". The King Mahendra was died in 2028 BS. Some of its members involved in this event were arrested and they were killed in Sukhani of Ilam districts in 2029 BS, which is known as Sukhani incident. Many people along with Ramnath Dahal, Narayan Shrestha,,Krishna Kuinkei, Netra Prasad Ghimire and Biren Rajbansi were shot dead by the then government in massacre. They were arrested accusing of the murder of then Member of Parliament (the then Rastriya Panchayat) Dharma Prasad Upadhyaya. Singha Durbar was ablazed in 2030 BS. Kietinidhi Bista was the Prime Minister of Nepal at that time. After that, Ram and Laxman along with some other people were killed in Timburbote Incident in Okhaldhunga in 2031 BS. Then after, captain Yagya Bahadur Thapa and Bhim Narayan Shrestha were also killed. A slogan-"Politics For Development" was brought with the second amendment of the Constitution of Nepal-2019 in constitutional body. In the same way Ratna Kumar Bantawa was also shot dead in the bank of Deumai River in Ilam on 27 Chaitra, 2035 BS. Rishi Raj Devkota(Aajad) and Jaya Govinda Shah were also murdered by the Panchayat government. Various new steps were initiated to retain the Panchayat system as a party-less ruling system. At the same time, democrates were agitating adn demonstrating their protest programmes aroound the boarder area against the Panchayat system.

People suppoted and involved in the movement against Panchayat system started by students in 2036 BS. At that time, the then Prime Minister Julfikar Ali Bhutto was hung by the rulers in Pakistan which consiquently made Nepali students more aggressive and raised movement massively. Public wrath was still growing, in spite the government effort to dominate the movement. As a result, the king was compelled to announce the referendum on 10 Jestha 2036 BS. Then a 15 member National election Commission was formed under the chairmanship of the then chief justice Bhagavati Prasad Singh. In this election people had to elect either reformed Panchayat System or Multi-party Ruling System. The election of referendum was held on 20 Baishakh, 2037 and Panchayat panel won it any way.             

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